Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 83 - March 31st - Last Resort RV Park - Rockport, TX

Nothing of interest in the morning, then about 11:00AM decide to head down to the Fulton Mansion to see when we could enlist for a guided tour. We were told the tours are on the hour at 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, and 3 on Tuedays to Saturdays. We had talked to John and Brenda before we left and they had expressed interest in doing the tour as well, so called on my cell to let them know the times. Decided to meet them at 2:ooPM and do the tour together. We then had an hour or so to put in, so went to a wetland demo site. It is a .8 mile walk along a wetland with supposidly lots of birds. Well the wind was blowing and there were no birds. Ended up driving most of the route as it was just along a street. 19 points of interest. At about point 10 we discovered the old Rockport/Fulton graveyard. This proved more interesting than the demo site. Lots of real old grave sites and lots of history dating back to the early 1800's. Also lots of wild Texas flowers. Denice had a hay day. And where there is flowers there is butterflies. Now Denice needs a picture of one of these, especially one of the black ones, but they won't land, just flit here and there. She finally did get a couple of good ones, not to mention the other hundred or so that just showed another flower, and where the butterfly had been!! By then it was time to meet John and Brenda at the mansion at 2:00PM. The tour was well guided and took the whole hour for $6 a head. Lots of old original stuff in the house from the Fulton Pioneers. If interested you can get the full history by logging onto;
Here is some photos of same:

John and Brenda on the Back steps:

Returned home and read, then had dessert. Samantha always said you should eat your dessert first, so that you are not too full of the main meal for the dessert portion. Good advise Sam! Had fruit left over from last nights "Finger Food" Supper. Then Brenda brought over Pureed Squash Soup, for the starter, then micro'ed some left over ribs, and had that and potatoe salad for the Main meal. Pretty Good for no planning ----------

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 82 - March 30th - Last Resort RV Park - Rockport, TX

Same old, Same Old. Breakfast, but then go to HEB for some groceries - Once there realized had forgot the grocery list, so now you need to realize that at our age, we had no idea what was on it, so had to drive back to ELTORO to get the list. Back at HEB bought the store out - well almost! Back home stored the loot. Salad for lunch - calorie free. Then Brenda and Denice start cooking for our "Finger Food" Dinner tonight.
Well so much for the diet.
Now it's 9:ooPM and dinner is over. I had to take a walk around the park, to walk off some of that "Finger Food". We had Jalapeno Poppers, "Yumm" , Potatoe Burger Bytes, "Yummm" and fresh vegetable Platter with dips, and for dessert Fresh Fruit Platter with dips. If you want to see, check out Johns Blog. A Great Evening.

Day 81 - March 29th - Last Resort RV Park - Rockport, TX

After another hearty breakfast and some reading returned to my lathe to complete Brenda's bowl. Got all my stuff organized on the picnic table again, lathe, tools, chain saw, sandpaper, etc, etc, by then nearly lunch time. Worked most of the afternoon on it, but had it completed by about 4:00PM and presented it to Brenda. She was very happy with it. If you would like to see the progress on it, log onto John & Brenda's Blog at


John did a "Play by Play" photo show of my little performance. Once finished that, started on another small cup. Wood chosen for this one was a piece of mesquite, that I had scavenged at the RV Park at Durango. This one didn't take too long to complete. It is kind of interesting as it has a lot of character with many worm holes in the sides. I completed the finishing with Orange Bees Wax and the grooved in a gold bead chain near the top. Brenda does not have this one YET!!

Day 80 - March 28th - Last Resort RV Park - Rockport, TX

Let me see -- What did we do on the 28th??? Is been a couple of days now since I updated ---and My Memory ---
I think we went to the maritime museum. Lots of old stuff there, so felt at home. That was in the afternoon. In the morning I guess we did nothing.
Three floors to the museum. All well done with lots of history. Then stopped briefly at the Aquarium. Small and not a lot of stuff there. Just Fish!
Got home. had dinner - not sure what ---
Finally decided to dig out my mini Lathe and make a bowl for Brenda. Went up to the RV Parks woodpile, and picked a good piece of oak firewood, and brought ot back to the motorhome. Oak is cheap here as that is almost he only type of tree around here, and so with the development of the RV Park extension, lots of excess wood is piled for the use of anyone that wants it. Mostly for fires, except for a person like myself that values it for what it really is. I know the price of it back in Canada. Cut of a 6" piece of the log with my trusty chainsaw, and attached it to the lathe. By dark was able to remove most of the bark, but will have to complete it tomorrow.
All for today !!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 79 - March 27th - Last Resort RV Park - Rockport, TX

It was one of those days. Not much action. Up at 6:00AM for coffee, then made one cycle around the park, about 1/2 mile. We had committed to walking every morning, but somehow it just has never happened. Guess we better get on with the program and get some miles under our belt. Let me tell you, there is not much room for anything under our belts as it seems all we have been doing is eating, and my belt seems to be getting tighter. After our short walk we had breakfast of cereal. Then rested till near noon. Denice made a great chicken soup for lunch from the leftovers we had from last nights HEB BAR-B-Que chicken supper. Of course when she makes soup, she makes lots. We now have 2 containers in the freezer.

After lunch made a trip into town. I need to buy an electric chain saw so I can cut some short log sections to put on the lathe and turn some small bowls. Brenda is threatening me, if she doesn't get one before we leave, so I better shape up and get after it.
On the way in we went by the beach route, and took a short jaunt out onto the public wharf. It is nearly 1/2 mile long out into water that they tell me is about 10 ft deep. Not sure what this guy was doing out there!! No fishing Rod, no camera, no ambition!!
Must be one of those retired snowbirds!!!A few fishermen are out there, but the only fish I saw them catch was some little trout-like fish about 6" long that they fed to the resident heron.
So once at ACE Hardware I was able to buy an electric Reminton chain saw with a 14" bar for $54.99. Not bad. One the way home, my co-pilot, suggested we stop at DQ for a treat. Once we had the ice cream, it was obvious that in the 92 degree heat it was going to melt before we got home, so we made a beline to the beach and enjoyed it there. While there Eagle Eyed Denice, who always has her camera, spied a new shore bird. Now I know its not a sparrow and not a crow, so what is it?? My birder partner says it is a long billed curlew. Here is a photo of it.Then home and some more slack time until time to get dinner. I get the barbie going and put on some back ribs, while Denice gets the rest of the meal ready. Very Good!!

Weather forcast is for a front to go through tonight with high winds and a severe drop in temperature to about 49 degrees. As I write this at 9:00PM it still has not materialized, so not sure if it is really going to happen or not.

I'll let you know in tomorrows Blog.

Day 78 - March 26th - Last Resort RV Park - Rockport, TX

In a Word - Tornado

Day started normal - not much to do - Same old- same old - Breakfast - read - lunch.

Just an edit that I had forgot about until I read John's Blog. Rather than re-write it I am going to just borrow his words. Here is what he had to say:
Earlier in the day we had some excitement of a different sort. When we first arrived here there was an elderly couple and their son (we think) setting up a trailer in the site next to us. They built some wooden steps as the older gentleman had trouble negotiating those RV type steps and then spent a couple of days cleaning it up and getting it ready to serve as a summer get away. They live in San Antonio and this was their place at the beach. Well it turns out the trailer, unbeknownst to them, was stolen. They had apparently bought it from someone who didn’t really own it so the Aransas County Sheriff and his boys descended on it this morning. They were crawling all over and under it checking serial numbers and then climbed inside through one of the storage compartments to check out the interior. I guess they had already informed the older folks of their bad luck. Too bad it always seems to be elderly folks who can ill afford it that these kind of things happen to.

Then we took a jaunt up to Capano Bay and toured some of the residential subdivisions around there. Every body is on the water, either on Capano Bay or a small lake connected to the bay. All seem to have piers running several hundred feet out into deeper water, and of course everyone has a boat. I guess that is what it's all about living on the water. After touring there for a while decided time to head home. Stopped at HEB for a couple of things for dinner - BAR-B-Qued chicked and potatoe salad. I noticed that while I was walking out of HEB that it was extremely humid, with heavy black clouds overhead, and rolling thunder. Remarked to Denice, " that at least the clouds are not green" that is an indication of tornado weather. Driving the five miles home did, encounter a couple of heavy thundershowers, but nothing severe. Once home and inside ELTORO, decided to turn on the telly and check the weather channel.

NO more than had it on than there was Tornado alert - Tornado alert!!!!

At 4:04 PM a tornado had been identified by Doppler radar 5 miles north of Aransas Pass and was to pass about 7 miles west of Rockport toward the Gulf. As we are 2 or 3 miles west of Rockport already, it seemed that it was likely to be very close to us. And then it started to RAIN, and I mean POUR.
We could hardly see across the lane in front of us. This is the water running down our windshield.I called John on our radio to alert him of the possibility of a tornado. What should we do???? Motorhomes do not have very good basements to protect you in, so I guess we just ride it out. In about 15 minutes we were in a river, Water up to a couple of inches was running under our motorhomes and on down the RV Park. Pretty flat here, so no place for the water to go. Good thing the soil is nothing but sand, so it disappears quite quickly. By 4:30 the rain stopped and the sun came out under blue skies. A pan I had sitting out on the picnic table had about 2" of water in it from the 30 minutes storm. I don't think that anybody actually saw a tornado funnel, but we weren't really looking. Just a little spooky!!
But still interesting for us northerners.
The rest of the day was just like any other day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 77 - March 25th - Last Resort RV Park, Rockport, TX

Another day of just rest and relax. All I would be able to talk about would be what we ate.
Ham, pancakes, and eggs for breakfast.
Egg Salad sandwiches for Lunch.
Spaghetti and Meatballs for Dinner.
Called back to Pincher Creek, Alberta to wish our grand-daughter Samantha a very Happy Birthday - her 24th.
Because Dennis doesn't have a lot to say, I decided to add a bit.........we were watching the weather channel (a favorite pastime when you are getting near time to head north!)anyway...the weather north doesn't look to good......snowing, raining and flooding.....even tornadoes!! YUK! Dennis thinks we should just stay here, maybe another month (not me....humidity is about 95%). Of course, we need to go home for TAXES, Dennis says "maybe we should become Tax Dodgers!!!!! We don't leave here until April 8th, perhaps the weather will be better by then....
I went shopping with Brenda today.....first shopping I've done. Bought a couple of tops and a neat pair of flip flops.

Day 76 - March 24th - Last Resort RV Park - Rockport, TX

Oh that Daughter of mine ----. She's complaining about no Blog for three days, claiming she is going through withdrawl. Well Shannon, if there is nothing to say, there is nothing to say!! What did we do today? Not much. Up at dawn , coffee, then breakfast, You know, bacon and egg and toast. Wandered around, watched TV till lunch. Chicken Sandwich. Off to do some laundry at Aransas Pass. Home and store same. Check my printer - out of ink. Off to Rockport to Walmart to buy ink, and of course some other stuff - groceries and the like. Back in time to go to John and Brendas for dinner - steak, shrimp, corn on the cob, and baked potatoe --Mighty Fine - too full for dessert. Tomorrow maybe !! John and I sat inside and "chewed the fat" for an hour or so and solved most of Shells problems. For any of you Shell folks that may be following, just give either of us a call and I'm sure we get you all on the right track again!! The ladies were outside doing the same, so I'm also sure that they could probably solve some of the worlds problems as well.

Day 75 - March 23rd - Last Resort RV Park, Rockport, TX

Tour day today!
Up and have quick breakfast and the Denice and I head for Mustang Island. John and Brenda "Take a Rain Check" on the invitation to join us, so we are on our own. To get to Mustang Island the road crosses the Red Fish Bay. From Aransas Pass across the Aransas Bay is on a high bridge and causeway to a channel Island. Then you must get on a short ferry ride of probably less than one half mile across the shipping channel. About 6 small ferries work continuously transporting about a dozen cars at a time in each direction. Once across here we drove through the town of Port Aransas, an interesting little town. Certainly a tourist type merchant base. We may want to return there another day and search out some of the interesting spots. A couple of miles out of town we elected to get onto the beach. It appears that every few miles the is access to the beaches. We actually expected the beaches to be much busier than they were. A fair amount of people were there but I guess Spring break is over so most of the young peple have gone back to school by now. We drove about 10 miles down the sandy beach, taking interesting photos as we went. But once you have seen 1 mile of the beach, the next mile is just a repeat of the last. After 10 miles we returned to the main highway that is still only 1/2 mile off the beach. We contunued south an crossed from Mustang Island to Padre Island, only over a small short bridge. A small town is here, but it is actually part of Corpus Christi. Travelled on south to our destination of Padre Island National Seashore. Stopped at the Visitor Center, were we were able to but some junk food for lunch. Went another couple of miles until the road came to an end, and then we were on the beach again. Only went a mile or so and then parked facing the water where we ate our lunch. Tide was coming in, and although there is not more than a couple of feet difference from high to low, by the time we were finished our sandwiches, pop, and chips, water was lapping at our front wheels. Of course Denice was nervous about this. Maybe it would undermine our tires, and then wash us away -----. We could have continued on south for nearly 50 miles on the beach, to the Mansfield Shipping Channel between Padre and South Padre, that we had driven part way to last year when we were vacationing on the South Padre Island. Anyway we had seen enough, so returned to Corpus Christi, over another very large high bridge. I wanted to drive the seashore of Corpus, so took the first right street. Well, that was the wrong one. Ended up at a Naval Base Security Check in. Guard reasonable and allowed us to turn around inside the gate. Resolved best just to follow freeway that our Jeeps GPS was indicating. One more high long bridge out of Corpus across Corpus Bay and then follow Highway 35 home - enough for today. Didn't know what to have for supper, so when John and Brenda suggested we go out we were all in agreement. Decided to try "Crabbin" just down the road. Food was OK. Denice tried a soft shelled Crab appetizer - Same food the Whooping Crane eats while down here, I have Cajun Catfish, Denice Grilled Catfish, John, crawfish, Brenda, shrimp and angel hair pasta. Brenda says, best meal she has ever had. Isn't that right Brenda??

Day 74 - March 22nd - Last Resort RV Park, Rockport, TX

Lazy DayDenice up and made breakfast for us, and John and Brenda, of sausage and white gravy and Bisquits. Her white gravy was much better than you get at the local restrauants.Didn't do a lot more that for the rest of the day, but rest and read. I have been reading a book, "A Time to Die" by Wibur Smith. I have found it very good, with non stop action, so have had a hard time putting it down. All his books are about Africa, and this was no exception. It starts with a hunting trip for Lions and an Elephant, but continues when the subjects encounter waring African Factions, and they get caught up in between them. I just had to get to the end, so did little else, and finished it in the evening.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 73 - March 21st - Last Resort RV Resort - Rockport, TX

After breakfast we went with John and Brenda out to King Ranch at Kingville. That is about an hours drive from here to the west on the other side of Corpus Christi ---

Oh Donald, I'm surprised you didn't see us on TV when we were at "Knockdown" in Corpus the other night -- I knew you would be watching so I waved !! ---- That's OK all , its a private joke!!

Anyway arrived at the King Ranch about 11:30AM, too late for the 12:00 noon tour so wandered around for a while and , of course, took a bunch of snaps. The Prickly Pear Cactus are just coming into bloom. Then went back to Kingville for lunch at the suggestion of the registration lady. She suggested the Drug Store , so that is where we went. Found them to have a nice little nook, the food was good and it was CHEAP!! I think I had "Steak Strips", fries, and Soup for about $4.00. The rest had equally as good of food and drinks and the total bill was under $20 for the four of us. You don't find that very often in todays world! Then we went back and went on the 1:00PM tour. They took us on about a 10 mile bus tour through the area of the ranch surrounding the central part nearest their headquarters.

Here is Denice about to be charged from the back by a mad bull!! We did see Santa Gertrudis Cows that they are famous for, quarter horses, javelinas, longhorns, etc etc. The driver/narrator was rather boreing with a sing-song Texan drawl. He had a "Rehearsed Canned " speech. Any distraction, threw him off his line and then it took a while to get him going again. Several things he said were obviously incorrect, but it was trivial, and not worth the time to question him. The tour took about 2 hours until we were back at the starting point. Then we went back into Kingville and went to the King Museum. No pictures were allowed, and that ticked off the ladies. I snagged af few anyway, unbeknownst by anybody. But they didn't turn out too well !! Then we went through their Saddle Shop Outlet. Lots of good stuff, but its something like having the emblem of Caterpillar, Cadillac, or Lincoln - Really expensive!! Returned to Rockport, but as you guessed, it was time to eat again. Stopped at the "Big Fisherman" and filled up with Shrimp, Clams, Oster Rockerfeller, Stuffed Crab, Pilapia. Could hardly finish it all. I scooped John on this one. I bought cheap dinner. He bought a more expensive Dinner. We'll get evened up some where along the line I'm sure.Once home and relaxing went to our other neighbors behind us, Daryl and Charleen, who are from Omaha, Nebraska, Denice's home state. So even though she is Canadian through and through, she still akin to Nebraska Folks. Chatted with them unti well after dark. Back home realized that I am days behind in my Blog, so started to try to catch up. About 10 minutes until my eyes got real heavy. Tomorrows another day.

Day 72 - March 20th - Last Resort RV Resort - Rockport, TX

Did nothing today - It's called retirement!! Biggest excitement we had was watching the birds at our bird feeders, And then along came Mr. Squirrel, so we had to watch his antics at trying to get food from a bird feeder. And he was pretty good. I was trying to make it more and more difficult and he was trying to be more and more initiative to find ways to reach that food. Reminded me a little of Bill Murray in "Caddy Shack" and that gopher he was trying to outsmart. Not much more to tell.

Oh Yes:Breakfast - Just coffee - out of Bacon and Ham - need a HEB run
Lunch - I think a peanut butter and jam sandwich - now is that good or what !!
Supper - Denice's Bean Soup

We did go grocery shopping - To Walmart in Ingelside, and then to HEB in Ingleside for some things Denice needed and didn't find and then to HEB in Aransas Pass where she was Lucky - Now she can make Mini Hamburger Bites Appetizers.

More Food !!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 71 - March 19th - Last Resort RV Resort, Rockport, TX

A quiet Day Today - Not much on the Agenda, except a hair appointment for Denice at 11:30. Took her down the Harbor Oaks Village to Hair Affair in Rockport, and I went on about my way. Over to Ace Hardware to see what they had and then on down to the Copano Bridge. Beside the new 2 mile long bridge there is an old one near water level that is now dedicated to a fishing wharf. With nothing else to do for a couple of hours I wandered about half way across. Took a few shots and talked to a few of the locals. Poor fishing today one told me, not warm enough. Not sure what that has to do with it, but any excuse will do.
1:00 o'clock I was back at the hair dressers and Denice was standing outside waiting for me. Not sure what they all do in there but she goes in for $75 and comes out looking like a million bucks, and 20 years younger. Wonder what they could do for me --------

By now, of course, it was after lunch time, so we stopped at Charlotte Plummers Restaurant on the beach front. I had Gigantic shrimp, and they were big ones, Denice had a shrimp salad. Returned home and rested the remainder of the day. Seven PM went over to John and Brendas for dessert, Pear crumb cake and ice cream. A couple of their RV Dreamer Blog Friend, Rod and Loyce, came over and we chatted till my eyes got heavy.

Goodnight all

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 70 - March 18th - Last Resort RV Park, Rockport, TX

Quiet Day today - Laundry Detail - The park that we are in only has 3 washers and 3 driers and is somewhat ageing - Denice wouldn't put her clothes in until she cleaned the machines first. I think next wash will be down town. I think there is a couple of good ones down there.
Watched John polish his RV next to me. Wonder if some of that energy will rub off onto me. I did get him to stop and visit for a while to give him a rest, but then he was after it again. Sure hope he doesn't polish the paint right off! I guess these new rigs just don't have the quality paint mine has. Mine just doesn't need or at least get that kind of attention. (John, feel free to start on a new project with more challenge than on yours)
Can't talk anymore about what we ate for the day. Some folks think we do nothing BUT eat. I guess that is somewhat true. The other thing we do is BUY food.
Talked with son Ross today on "Skype". This is a great system to voice communicate over the computer, but has to be computer to computer to be free. Voice is instantaneous and clear, much better than over the cell, that is rather "hit and miss" here. E-mailed Shannon and told her to download it also. She answered she would, and then sent photos of the "Little Dude" our GREAT-GRANDSON now 9 months old. Now everybody knows how old we really are !!
If anybody else would like to talk directly to us and would like to use skype, the downloading process is relatively simple. Just go to the web to and search Google for "Skype". Once found the site just start the download process. After loading it up you will have to set up a name for yourself, and e-mail it to me so that I can include you as a contact. From there on, just call me or I can call you. When called, your computer will ring as with a telephone. You can also just send text messages.
We did call, on the cell to my brother Larry, back home in Edmonton today, to find how they are wintering. Everything seems good there, and the weather is not bad either. Enid is doing well, as she has been taking some medical treatments, and says she is on the upswing. Really good to hear Enid!! We think often about you guys and wish you were down here with us again this year. Last year we had a GREAT couple of weeks together in Arizona.
Well, I guess its time to sign off. I'm still full of dinner of BAR-B-Qued ribs with spuds, onions and turnips, done in the barbie in tinfoil. Just had to get that in.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 69 - March 17th - Last Resort RV Park, Rockport, TX

Up and ready to roll this morning. Planned to be away early off to Aransas Wildlife Refuge up near Tivoli, TX, about 40 miles to the East of here. Surprise, surprise, Green Irish fog was so thick, that as one woman said this morning when she let her dog out to do his business he wouldn't even go. Looked back as saying "I can't even see my Tail in this stuff. How do you suppose I'm going to see where to rip up the grass to cover my treasures"
Anyway, given the weather, we decided to delay for a while, but by 10:00AM headed out. By the time we were approaching the Refuge it had lifted and a glorious sun came out. Had to peel off our jackets. Denice even had to peel more. A bit of an exhabitionist I think!! But now she was down to a t-shirt. Hope it doesn't get any hotter. Oh well it is spring break - everybody is doing it !!

As we were getting closer to the refuge we spied a little animal along a creek. Slammed on the brakes, as this was the first time either of us had seen a live armadillo. It was just over the guard rail on the right hand side. Denice got a couple of fair shots of it, but it did not seem to startled with us being there. It seemed as though it was quite sluggish, so I got out and walked around to get a better shot. Now I know for sure that they can move. It just galloped away so fast that I only got a picture of where it had been!! Went on into the refuge, and registered - free to us as we had purchased a National Park Pass when we came down. Now headed on a sixteen mile self guided Loop Road Tour of the area. First on the agenda was the Alligator swamp, and Yes there are definitely live ones here. There was a couple behind a visitor proof fence, but then there was couple more along the edge of the swamp. A lady and here kid were watching those, but she said they were just stuffed ones as they were not breathing. I walked to within about 6 feet and watched closely. Finally one eye blinked!!! I don't think they are dummies!! Lots of photos:

Now Doesn't he look friendly???

Once we had enough of them, we moved on. Well now it's near lunch time and Denice had prepared a good one, so at the next picnic site pulled over and ate (I wanted to us partook, but Denice says Shannon will have a fit if I use that as a word -- not sure if it really is a word) so we ate our lunch. While enjoying a pork and musturd sandwich, what do we see but an armadillo rooting around near the base of some oak trees: Now grandaughter Caitlin; That is what you should have for a pet!! Want me to smuggle one back for you??
Lots more photos!! Interesting trees here also. Long Vines -- I even started to feel a little like Tarzan! Thought I might try a little swinging between them.

On the road again. Next an interesting Beach. Nice photo op: Next the wild Hogs, Not javelinas but Wild Boars - somewhat larger than Javelinas. Then Black Vultures and Turkey Vultures ( Too ugly to put in this Blog), and then to an elevated viewing stand, and I do mean elevated! A long concrete ramp to well above the surrounding trees. A great view of the Tidal bays, Did see a couple of Whoopers but much farther away than the photos that I have shown in a previous Blog. But here is a good shot of Denice high in the air: Then on for some flowers and even some butterflies: Then back to alligator alley for some final friendly discussion:

That about completed our day. Made the 40 mile drive back to Rockport, grabbed a Hamburger at Wannaburger, and returned to ELTORO to satisfy our appetites.

Happy St. Pats to all our Irish Friends and to those who wish they were!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 68 - March 16th - Last Resort RV Park, Rockport, TX

Well it has warmed up here finally, after a few rather cool days. Got up to about 70 F for a while this afternoon. We just had a domestic day, cleaning inside and out. Then went for some MORE groceries and other stuff at Wally-World. More bird food to feed those little rascles. Now we have thistle seed, suet, and wild bird mix, as well as feeders for all types I'm sure - from sparrows to Crows!!! Got home and stored all that stuff, and were planning supper when Brenda came over and suggested we come over and have finger food supper with them. Didn't need to ask twice - we were there in a flash! Had lots of good stuff. Veggies and dip, Cheese something -or-others, Chips and dip, etc, etc. Great way to end the day.
Thats all folks! End of Day! Where did it all Go???

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 67 - March 15th - Last Resort RV Park Rockport, TX

Rain and still cold this morning, but it does look like it may smarten up. Forecast is for improvement tomorrow. Just kind of lazed around again for most of the morning. The birds have finally found our bird feeder and many are gathered around it. Not sure what most of them are but Denice says they are finches, yellow throated warbler, sparrows, and cardinals. Gives us something to do. See who can get the best photo.
Expect John and Brenda to arrive soon after noon. --- Which they did. Happy to greet them again, and look forward to the next 3 weeks together. After they were backed in and levelled we allowed them sometime to get fully set up. Sometimes too many irons in the fire by trying to help, only confuses the issues. However, Denice cooked up a great Pork roast and we had them over for dinner at about 6:00PM. As it was raining most of the afternoon, it seemed to make sense to cook it in the oven rather than on the barbie. Now, the oven in our ELTORO has not been used for some time -- I always thought that was a "Bread Box" --- But after studying it figured out again how to light the pilot again, and so the roast was in the works! Pilot only went out once!!

Had a great dinner with mashed potatoes and pork gravey - very good Denice! Apple sauce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Brenda brought over this great frozen peanut butter pie for dessert. Absolutely delicious -- Denice doesn't bake ----

Brenda advises she is unable to comment on my Blog. So I made a few changes to see if that has any effect. I may have some of the settings wrong, as some of this stuff is sort of new to me.

Then John tells me about how he has met all of the people in the RV-dreams. com chat line, so now I have found that and may start following some of those same folks travels.

Oh by the way "A Big Hello to Mickey from Dennis and Denice"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 66 - March 14th - Last Resort RV Park - Rockport, TX

Woke up to rain this morning ----- and cold again. Only about 46 degrees. Looks like another inside Day. At noon its still raining. Check out e-mail and find confirmation that John and Brenda will be arriving tomorrow afternoon and will be parked in Site 101 right next to us in 99. I'll put up the Canadian Flag, John, for a welcome!! According to their Blog, they have had a GREAT week visiting with their "Blogger Buddies" at Kerrville. Sounds like things have been real active for them, with lots of entertainment and chit-chat, shopping, etc. They may find it a little slower here and more relaxing, as they also have reserved for 1 Month, We have been here a week and still have lots to do and see, but are taking it at a very leisure rate. Forecast next week is for return to 80 degree temperatures, so will then get back to some site seeing.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 65 - March 13th - Last Resort RV Park, Rockport TX

Well after looking at the temperature and weather reports this morning you folks back home in High River, Alberta, Canada can laugh at us now as it is actually warmer there than it is here. 51 there and only 44 here!!! Given that temp here we just kind on vegetated. Read, computerized, relaxed, cooked, ate, you know the story. About noon we did take a drive over to Aransas and to Ingleside, and then back out t the Ferry site at Aransas Pass. We did not cross over, left that for another WARMER Day. Back home and more relaxation. Then to HEB for some essentials. Home, and BAR-B-QUED some steak. A little TV. End of day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 64 - March 12th - Last Resort RV Park, Rockport, TX

Up early this AM as it is the day for a boat tour of the Aransas Wildlife Refuge and hopefully view some Whooping Cranes. Looking out when we got up, it was obvious that there had been weather a change, as it is rather cold, overcast, and damp, with threatening rain. We had some ham and toast before we left, and then took a thermos of coffee with us. Thankyou grand-daughter Caitlin, for that thermos and cups that you gave us for last years Christmas. It came in very useful once again. Hot coffee sounded like a welcome addition for a mid-morning break. We did dress more warmly than had been the norm for the last few days, with jeans and jackets. We arrived at the departure point by 8:30AM to be prepared for a 9:00AM departure. We had weighed the decision as to delaying in favor of a warmer day, but in the end decided to proceed. The boat we were scheduled on was the "Skimmer", a 35 ft cabin cruiser powered by twin 4 stroke Honda 225 HP outboards. Once out of the protected marina, Captain Tommy Moore, poured on the power, and we did "Skim" across the waves at a fair rate of speed toward the Wildlife Refuge. I found it strange, the detail Tom gave us of the Aransas Bay being 16 miles by 8 miles wide, but only from 2 1/2 feet to 12 feet deep. Once nearing the Refuge we slowed and started to see many types of waterfowl. I cannot even attempt to relate what ones we did see, as Rob was rattling of so many names unfamiliar to me. We continued on up the inland waterway constructed by the Corp of Engineers from Corpus Christi all the way to New York City, during the second world war to prevent submarine attack. Soon we came apon the first Whooper, a young female. She was not the least bit afraid and we drifted to within about 25 meters of her. That completed after much picture taking, we went further along, photoing birds as we went, then came apon 3 whoopers together. Could not get as close as the water was too shallow, but did get some more shots. Time for a welcome coffee, as it definitely is cold and windy, only about 52 °F, I believe. Wish we had put on more clothes! Most people spent most of the time in the cabin where there were supplied blankets to wrap up in. The windows opened for camera access when needed, or the more eager (
Denice) could go out on the front deck or on the upper deck. After coffee it was about time to turn around and head back, although we really had been making a large circle, but I had lost all bearing with the overcast. More birds, more photos, and then some bottle-nosed dolphins to try and take pictures of, we tried! Then a fast trip across the Bay to the mooring. Glad to be back and into the Jeep and a heater. Seems strange after the hot and humid temps of the last few days. Returned home and heated Big Fisherman leftovers for lunch. Turned on ELTORO's furnace and turned it up to 70°F. Still couldn't get the chill off and ended with a hot shower that did the trick.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 63 - March 11th - Last Resort RV Park, Rockport, TX

Start the day with Bacon aand eggs and hash browns for breakfast. At about 11:00AM went down to Rockport Beach Park to do a little "Beach Bumming". Wadered up and down the beach for a while. Took some pictures of "Skimmers". A Skimmer is a medium sized bird with a big orange beak. They seem to congregate in very large numbers on the beach all facing into the wind in regimental order. They seem to just stand there at attention for long periods of time unless disturbed. Then, of course, we had to take a bunch of the pelicans, and egrets, and herons. Once our cameras were filled to near capacity we returned to ELTORO for a little rest. Mainly waiting until about 2:00PM, to go to the "Big Fisherman" for Denices Birthday Dinner, when the crowds would not be as great. Now, you'all that don't know, "The Big Fisherman" is a restaurant near out RV Park that features Cheap, Big meals. Our advice was not to order a fish platter, as even the mini fish platter is more that one person can begin to eat. Doggie Bags are the order of the day. For our lunch Denice chose the 6 oz. fillet and Jumbo Shrimp for about $18 and I the "All you can eat, Cajun Crawfish Tails. Both meals were served with baked potato, corn on the cob and soup. Neither of us came anywhere close to finishing our food. The restaurant has some specials that we will try another day. All you can eat chicken gizzards & Livers, Chicken Fried Steak and Fried Fish on Tuedays for $2.25, Thursday all you can eat Chicken Fried Steak & Fried Fish, again for $2.25, and on Sunday 2 pieces of Fried Chicken and Chcken fried steak at $2.25 per plate. Although, we could have eaten a whole lot cheaper, and been filled to capacity, we chose to go "Whole Hog" to celebrate Denice's Birthday. We were tempted to do the Lobster Tails, two of them for $34, but knew there was no way that we would be able to do them justice. However, that was today!! Who knows. Lobster is Denice's favourite food. I bet before we leave here ---
Denice had several Happy Birthday Phone Calls. From Daughter Shannon first thing this AM, then from Ann in Kingston, ON., nephew Chris in Bremerton, WA,. Sue in Calgary,. and Samantha in Pincher Creek. Also several e-mails, some with e-cards. So all in all it seemed like she had a pretty good one, especially when it is her 39th!!!!
After our big lunch at 2:30PM we certainly did not feel like supper. I made reservations for a 9:00AM Whooping Crane boat tomorrow morning so we decided to go and check out where we were to be to catch the boat. Oh Yes, there just happened to be a DQ there. Peanut Buster Parfait and Caramel Sunday Please. Chose to go out onto Rockport Beach to enjoy same and to wait until Sunset. It was a good one!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 62 - March 10th, - Last Resort RV Park, Rockport, TX

A quiet day today. Just laid around and relaxed most of the day. Denice was just not quite up to par today so we just read and enjoyed our surroundings for the day. That is what retirement is all about isn't it?? Did go down to HEB (Here Everything is Better) grocery store for some supplies that we were short of. Found some pre-cooked Catfish and chips for supper.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 61 - March 9th - Last Resort RV Resort

Finally we see the Gulf of Mexico.
After breakfast and domestic cleaning up around ELTORO went on a little familiarization tour of our surroundings. Headed east along the Gulf on the access immediately along the water. Stopped frequently to take snaps of the water, the seabirds, the piers ( everyone seems to have one 1/4 mile out into the Gulf), and just generally wandered along taking in the sites. Went by one area where some seafood restaurants were conveniently placed adjacent to the street. Now you know Denice's nose for food. Well it smelled so darn good that we had to stop and have lunch. The place was called "Moon Dog". We chose to eat outside as the weather is HOT and HUMID here. It was a little breezy, but OK. Took a while for our food to come, but that was OK as we were right on the beach and found the movement of the boats, and the seabirds interesting to us "Landlubbers". Denice even lucked out and got a great shot of a dolphin, that we are sharing here. After lunch of Blackened Tuna, and a fillet of some kind of other fish (I'm not sure what it was as the menu didn't say, but it was the special of the day, and it was good) we continued down the coast and over the Causeway over Copano Bay to Lamar. This is about a two mile long causeway with an elevated bridge in the center to allow boat passage. From there we turned right, toward Goose Island State Park. It was getting on in the day so we decided to leave the state park for another day, and just go and see the "Big Tree". We had been advised that we had to go and see it, and it is truly remarkable.
The Big Tree of Lamar is one of the most famous in the world.The giant live oak is a charter member of the Live Oak Society of America, and has been the subject of one of Ripley's "Believe It or Not" cartoons.
It is measured to be more than 35 feet in circumference, 44 feet in height and has a crown spread of 89 feet. The Texas Forest Service estimates the tree to be over 1,000 years old.
The Big Tree is also known as the Lamar Oak, Bishop's Oak and the Goose Island Oak. It is recognized as the State Champion Coastal live oak. It is said to have been a council tree for the Carancahua Indians and for the white men who came after them.

We had originally planned on buying some groceries today, but tomorrow is another day. We just bought a loaf of bread at the Shell Service Station Convenience Store and went home a cooked some wennies on the Barbie and had "Hot Dogs" for supper. Some times the simple easy meal just hits the spot!! After supper met our next door neighbors. They are what we would call locals as they are only from Houston, and come this direction quite often for a week or so. They are a good source of info for Texas, so will grill them a little more as time goes on to find the interest spots in Texas. They did tell me that if going on to Florida, we should not spent too much time in Mississippi and Lousianna, as in those states they still seem to think the Civil War is still going on. In Florida the state park in Destin is a must. It is an all service state park, maybe a little expensive at about $35/night, but in a beautiful forest with a 3 mile long beach!!! Checking on themap I find that Destin is on the Gulf, but up near the top of Florida. Did a quick calculation on "Streets and Trips" and find it only 788 miles from here. It would sure be nice, buy since we are committed here for a month, I guess will have to wait for another year.