Sunday, February 13, 2011

McAllen, Texas to Benson, Arizona

Feb 20th 
Tom and Linda arrive in Benson
Have supper together at our place

Feb 19th
 High Wind today, but warm at 75F. Replace Vent cover over bathroom fan. I had bought an unbreakable one in Rockport, but never got around to it to install it so today I thought was the day. Well. Murphy's Law, of course I had the wrong one, so went hunting and at Cates Hill RV found on, but not nearly the quality of the one from Rockport. Anyway went home and installed it
Feb 18th
 Cleaning inside of ELTORO
Feb 17th
 Traveled Las Cruces , NM to Benson, AZ

Feb 16th
A little scenery today.From Alpine, TX  to Las Cruces, NM. Also back into Mountain Time Zone.
On route passed Marpha, where Flyoing Saucer lights are often reported , then passed Valentine. Now Valentine has a special meaning to Denice.It was in this town of 250 souls that her aunt Doris married her Uncle Johnny in 1955, on Valentines Day, and Johnny's last name was Loveday. Neat eh!! Loveday marrying on Valentines Day in Valentine, Texas!  Then we continued on through Van Horn and El Paso to Las Cruces. Checked in by 2:30PM, but with time change was only 1:30PM. I cooked up a brunch of bacon, eggs, spud paddies and fried tomatoes. I think for dinner we may go down to the old town of Mesilla, We know of a nice Mexican Restaraunt there.

Feb 15th
More West Texas --------------------------
From Del Rio to Alpine and Lost Alaskan RV Park. Stock up again on some groceries and out for a burger at Penny's Diner
Then some sunset pics 

Feb 14th
Woke up this morning to a very heavy fog, but it burned off soon.  Changed our destination for the day slightly. We had planned a rather longer day today with Sanderson as our stop, but last night I had a rather bad night with a severe pain in my left side, we opted for a shorter day stopping in Del Rio instead. Called ahead and reserved at the Good Sam Holiday Travel RV Park. Not a whole lot to report about today. What can I say. This is West Teaxas!!  Arrived in Del Rio early and just spent the rest of the day taking it easy. Pain in my side had subsided. Don't know what that was all about!
About Del Rio;
Welcome to Del Rio, Texas, "The Best of the Border," right across the international border from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, two romantic and historic cities, just a heartbeat away from the sparkling waters of Lake Amistad. Once you discover "The Best of the Border," you forget the rest of the border, because Del Rio has more to do and more to see than any other city on the Rio Grande. Best of all, Del Rio's delights are only a few hours from many major Texas cities.
Let Del Rio warm your heart and soul. Crystal blue skies, clean air and an average year-round temperature of 80 degrees surround you as you discover Del Rio's attractions. Del Rio offers excellent golfing, fine dining, beautiful motels, bed & breakfasts and unique historical areas, including The Whitehead Memorial Museum, and the Val Verde Winery.
Make a big splash at Lake Amistad. Its vast international waters and dramatic shoreline provide a paradise for fishermen, boaters, divers, windsurfers and skiers. In addition many outstanding camping opportunities await you at Lake Amistad Recreation area campsites.
Get out on the town after sundown. Cross over the border to Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, where mariachis, margaritas and the magic of shopping in exotic Mexican tiendas are as close as a stroll through the moonlight. Experience a fiesta with no siesta.

Buenos dias y buenas noches. Good day and good night.
Discover them both in Del Rio, Texas!

Feb 13th
On the Road Again!!  Left McAllen by 9:00AM and headed north and west on Highway 83. Just a leisure traveling day. 

Valentines day Tomorrow so lots of this type of stuff for sale along the way
The last time we were by this way, this interchange was just starting Construction. What a difference!!
 We had planned on going to Carrizo Springs, but we called ahead to the only RV Park in town and it was full, so we had to default back to an old stand by at Webb. It is pretty basic and rather expensive at $35 for what they have to offer, but I guess beggars can't be choosy. Just 3 miles prior to the RV Park is a Texas Info/Rest Stop, so we stopped there as we usually do when passing. We really didn't need any info, but it is just such a nice one. I think, the nicest one that any we have been at in Texas.
Entry to Travel Info

A Winter Texan

Another Winter Texaness

Inside the Travel Info
 Just wandered around the facility for a while and were still at our Park by shortly after 2:00PM.
A Vermilion Flycatcher

The RV Park near Webb

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moving On

Hey, I guess its time to up date the old Blog again, as I have not filled in anything for the last week, so here goes. 
Feb 13th
Second Day of Birding in the Rio Grand Valley. Headed on over to Bentsen State Park south of Mission, Texas today, The bird Denice has been itching to get is a Green Jay, and they tell us the are plentiful at this park.

The Green Jay
It was only a dozen miles from our park so did not take too long to get there. As soon as we checked in, it was obvious that birds here were very plentiful, as they seemed to be everywhere. Remember a blog I did a year or so ago where I said that as far as I was concerned every bird I saw was either a sparrow or a crow. I knew no others! Well now, after all these visits to these birding places with Denice, the picture taking, and the studies of the newly purchased National Geographic Complete Birds of North America, suddenly I have become some what of an expert. Well not really, Certainly not to the extent of those we have been hearing with phrases such as "Oh that's a female double breasted chicadee warbler" or "that's a rare something of something bunting". But now I do know a few of them. Green Jays, Kiskadees, Chachalacas, Orioles, Cardinals, and  Vermilion Fly Catchers. We spent a great day at the park just wandering the trails and photographing the various ones at the well placed feeding stations. 
An Oriole
We even stopped at a picnic grounds an had a tasty lunch that Denice had prepared. Then after boarding the shuttle back to the headquarters, we drove another mile or so to a Butterfly Viewing area. The cold weather had almost eliminated all the lowers, and so the butterflies as well. However they also had a bird watching area, with all of the same birds as the park, so we took another batch of shots before returning home at dusk.

Feb 11th
Finally a nice day, so we headed over to Quinto Mazatlan
This is an eight-acre estate and one of the largest remaining hacienda adobe homes in the state of Texas which was built in 1935.
La Quinta was purchased in 1968 by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shultz.
In 1998, the City of McAllen purchased the beautiful historic estate to serve as part of the World Birding Center network. Many special events and gatherings have been hosted at the estate, which has also provided the public an opportunity to enjoy the unique wildlife and vegetation that abound the property. Over 110 species of birds have been identified and over 150 different species of exotic trees, flowers, and plants can be found throughout the eight acres of native thicket. Quinta Mazatlan is a distinct and unique part of the history of McAllen, Texas.
We wandered around the grounds  for a couple of hours and took some shots of hummingbirds, Chachacalacas, a merad of various kinds of sparrows, kiskadees, Cardinals, thrashers, blue-grey gnat catcher, mocking birds and fly catchers as well as many others names unknown. 
Feb 10th
Waited until afternoon and then took a drive down to Harlingen. Denice found a stitchinig store that she wanted to go to. She had also found on the web one in Edinburg, so we went there first and found it closed. Good thing cause it looked like a dump, We then continued the 30 miles east to Harlingen. I had reservations about that one as well, but might as well give it a shot. Once there was pleasantly surprised to find a very well laid out store filled with all the thread and gadgets that a stitcher might want. Denice was thrilled!!!  I was thrilled too to the extent of $------.  Oh well, as long as Denice was happy! Oce that done returned home with a happy wife, but decided to eat out so just typed in O-L-I-V-E G-A-R-D-E-N into the jeeps GPS and followed her instruction, and with in about 6 miles arrived at one of our favorite eating establishments. As always it was great. I had the Seafood Elfredo Pasta, Denice, the Parmesan Crusted Bistecca and Veggies, with all the salad you can eat as well as a Calamari Appy and a Zeppoli Desert to take home as we had no room for it at the time, but could not pass it up. At 9:00PM at home we had tea and the Zappoli Desert.
Feb 9th
Nice in the morning, but a cold Canadian front blew in by 10:00AM and the temperature started to drop from 66F down to 44F by noon and down to 35F by dark. Another do nothing day!
Feb 8th
Wait at home for Propane Truck - we are down a little due to the cold weather the last few weeks - after he came and filled us, we just never felt like doing much, so we didn't!! But in the afternoon we took a spin over to Best Buy. With too much time on my hands, I had been looking at electronic e- readers. Since I am into reading so many books lately, we are starting to get much too large of a library within the motor home, so it seemed to make sense to be able to download them onto one of these reader thingys. I had looked at several differend kinds, but I defaulted to the one that Shannon, our daughter, boght. It is the Amazon Kindle. Connects to wifi for downloads that cost somewhat less than actual books. The book has a 4 GB hard drive that will holds about 3500 books. Anywat, the long and short of it,  bought it, nd it seems to work great. 
Feb 7th
After that hard 150 miles of a traveling day yesterday, we needed a rest, so that is just what we did.
Feb 6th
Today was moving day after a full month here in Rockport. We were in no hurry but we were on the road by about 10:00AM. Went sligtly north and west to Sinton, then on 77 down through Kingsville to Riviera, and west on 285 over to Falfurrias, then south on 281 to McAllen. Arrived at McAllen RV park at about 2:30PM and checked in and set up. Park is nothing to write home about, but the grapefruit and Orange trees are nice to see for us Northerners. I tried a grapefriut and it was great. I also tried an Orange, but a lemon had nothing on this one for sourness.