Thursday, April 11, 2013

March 2013 In Texas

Writing this section on March 24th. This has been quite a slow month here in Mission Texas. Really a relaxing time with not a lot of activity. And that is what retirement is all about isn't it?
Normal days start at around 6:00AM, although the last few we have slept past 7, we get up and sit in our easy chairs (sure enjoying our new ones in ELTORO) and read a book or do our emails for an hour or two. Then maybe do a "Bird Walk" in one of the many Birder places in and around the RG Valley. Most of them we have been to a few times but always worthy of doing some more exploring. South Padre island is always a favourite, and although 80 miles away, makes a nice days outing.

And of course, March 11th was My Good Wife's Birthday, so I took her out to the "Olive Garden" for Dinner. We both ordered salad as well as full entre's knowing we would not be able to eat all at one sitting, but planned for left overs for tomorrow. But then left them sitting in a bag beside my chair. Ohh Well!!

Some of the days are getting a little unbearably hot with highs near 100 F. Denice does not handle them well so she spends a lot of time in ELTORO with the AC running, doing her computer stuff and stitching and reading, but I enjoy the heat so like to sit outside under the awning enjoying the heat while I read, and do my things. 

On one of our birding days we went north 50 miles to Solinino. We had been there before, and there used to be some volunteers managing the bird feeding stations, and advising birders of all the birds visiting there. But since the site is immediately beside the Rio Grande, the border patrol advised it was unsafe to continue the operation. The Rio is narrow and shallow there so Illegals can enter very easily, and some are not too friendly. The bird center from Roma, down the road a few miles are still doing the feeding, and anyone who wants to go to the site are given food for the birds. We had brought our own bird food, so we set up camp there for a few hours. This is likely the best site we have been to for bird watching, with the most variety. While we were there another couple cam along, Bev and Bob Saxton, so we enjoyed an afternoon with them. One unigue bird showed up. It was a Red Wing Blackbird, but had an extra long bill. Denice got some good pictures of it, and later as we talked to real birders no one seemed to know what it might be other than a Red Wing Blackbird Syndrome.
Of course there was the usual grocery shopping, laundry and stuff like that. One day while doing laundry Denice talked to a lady from Ontario, and as they chatted found we both were leaving our RV's in the park for the summer. She asked if we had contacted out insurance supplier to ensure the motor home was covered while we were away. I had not even considered it might not be so I phoned our Cooperators in High River and asked the question. They were not even sure so had to check and get back to me. They confirmed it was not covered over 6 months out of the country. Now the process to find another supplier. The lady at the laundry had recommended a broker called Galvan. I called them and they took a couple of days to get back to me, but their rate was away too high at over one thousand dollars. I called "Good Sam," and after passing along all the pertinent info they came up with less than five hundred for  year. I accepted that, so now am confident we are covered. We did not need collision as we are not moving it, but if we decide to take a trip with it will have to up the insurance.