Saturday, January 31, 2015

California / Arizona Times

Day 12, Saturday January 31, 2015
Day 11, Friday January 30, 2015
On the road after breakfast by 9 this morning and on into Mesa to Denice's deceased Aunts and Uncle's beautiful double wide park model home at 2929 Palm Desert Resort on Main Street' We had been invited to just use the unit as our own by MaryAnn, their daughter. We did as she had advised and after settling in made a quick trip to Fry's Grocery store for a few supplies needed for the next few days. This just feel like home!!

Day 10, Thursday January 29, 2015
Left Larry's shortly after 9 AM and went down past the Salton Sea again until joining with I 80. Eastward on I 80 to Yuma. There we met with My cousin Jim Rodgers who I have not seen for at least 40 years. We met at an Arby's, had lunch, and caught up on our lives for the last 40 years for over 2 hours. We must not wait another 40 years again!! They now live in Milk River in the summer time, Have a diesel motorhome and pull a Ford 250 ecoboost pickup. After leaving them to drove down to Gila Bend to a Best Western there.

Day 9, Wednesday January 28, 2015
After breakfast this morning  Larry suggested that we take a drive. He recommended, and we agreed, that we go down to the Salton Sea and then turn west to Borrego Springs. This was a very interesting place with a multitude of metal sculptures. After leaving there we headed west up over another steep pass and worked northward until we headed back east to Palm Springs, arriving home before 6 PM

Just one of the couple hundred sculptures at Borrego Springs -Amazing

Denice and I beside another

Day 8, Tuesday January 27, 2015
After breakfast this morning Larry took us out to an Oasis not far from town. We walked 2.4 miles up to an oasis pond and back again. Then home . A good day. For dinner, we met Brother Leroy and wife Gayleen, and Larry went out to one of the club houses within the park for Dinner. Good meal !! Then back to Leroys for a drink before returning home

Day 7, Monday January 26, 2015
Up this morning and headed into Joshua Tree Park. Spent most of the day just slowly cruising the roads taking in the sights. It was raining part time so we did little walking. Exited the park at about 3 PM and called Brother Larry that we were on our way to his house in Palm Desert Sun City. We had added his address to the Jeeps GPS, but forgot it was set for avoiding Freeways preference, where possible, so once in Palm Springs she took us in sort of a roundabout way to get there, but did arrive by 5PM. Larry Bar-B-Qued some great steak for Dinner and we caught up on things.

Denice under the "Split Rock"

Skull Rock

A nice Joshua Tree

Larry's Great Yard - "A Lot of Work"


Day 6, Sunday January 25, 2015
Left Death Valley this morning and headed west over a 5000 ft summit and down into another low elevation valley. Turned south and followed the valley road until it joined highway 395 at Ridgecrest. From there headed south toward Palm Springs, then east to Joshua Tree, then on to 29 Palms. Checked into a Best Western Motel and then toured the town to take pictures of all the murals on the walls there. Dinner at a rib steak house. Was good but we think the ones I do on the Bar-B-Que are better.

A very Neat Mural - the 3D effect was amazing

And in California they do move some big loads - (I think 128 tires)

Day 5, Saturday January 24, 2015
Toured Death Valley today. Down to Artists road again this morning, then down the west side dirt road for 40 miles of washboard then back to Bad Water, then 25 miles to Dante's Viewpoint, some 5500 ft above Bad Water, then returned to Stove Pipe Wells for the night. After Dinner and darkness we went down to the sand dunes where it was pitch black and we viewed the stars and the Milky Way

Day 4, Friday January 23, 2015
Away from Tonapah by about 8:30AM and headed down 93 highway to near Beatty, turned west to Scotty's Castle. Stopped there for a while - bought a years National Park pass for $80, then went to Ubehebe Crater. We wanted to to go on to Raceway but was 27 miles there and same on return on rough washboard dirt road so we decided to by-pass. Went south to Stove Pipe Wells and checked into motel there for 2 nights. As it was only a little after 1 by then went back to Titus Canyon. I walked up it for about a half mile before returning. Lots of pictures, then went south past Furnace Creek to Artists Palette Drive just before dark - more pictures before returning to Stove Pipe Wells. Dinner at the restaurant there, before turning in.

Colorful Formations

The Artists Palette

A Curious Visitor

The Walkout at Bad Water
View of Bad Water from 5500 ft above
(Notice the Walk out in the lower center)

Day 3, Thursday January 22, 2015
Left Tremonton by 8 this morning and went into Salt Lake during rush hour. Again decided on a new route so headed west to Wendover, about 120 miles, then south to Ely.  Was still too early to stop for the night so then decide to go over to Tonapah, another 165 miles. Desolation, was the subject of the day! Cars on the highway were few and far in between. Often none in sight for places where we could see straight sections of the highway for 15 miles or more. In Tonapah we checked into a Best Western Inn. Today was another 500 mile day. We just had left overs for dinner from our newly purchased cooler.
Day 2, Wednesday January 21, 2015
Left Great Falls by 8 this morning and drove to Helena, then decided to change route and proceed to Idaho Falls via West Yellowstone. Was a great day and a great trip! Weather was "clear and cold" highway was great and bare, although lots of snow south along the ditches of West Yellowstone. We saw lots of birds, Eagles, hawks and swans. Arrived in Idaho Falls by just after 3, so decided to continue on to Pocetello, but even then was too early to stop so went on to Tremonton and found a Hamptons Inn. Stayed there and had dinner at a Denny's again tonight.
Day 1,  Tuesday Jan. 20, 2015
Waited around morning until was able to get parcel from the post office - It was what I had hoped, my attachment between my new Nikon camera to me old Pentax lenses' As soon as I had opened that we were on the road by shortly after noon.
Stopped at friends, Tom and Linda's in Warner for a quick cup of tea for only 15 to 25 minutes, then on the road again. Crossed border without incidence, and were in Great Falls by 5:30PM. Stayed at Crystal Hotel up by Flying J. Dinner at Denny's

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